Tuesday, April 28, 2015

17 Weeks / Wonder Woman

You'll be 4 months old in 2 days.
I was going to wait until then to set up your exersaucer but I couldn't wait and we set it up yesterday. You loved it right away - the toys to move around and chew on, possibly even more so the freedom it allows you to stand and move around and look at things. 
You are already so strong. 
just when I thought you were getting so big you did a complete back-to-front roll this morning. 
3 times in a row!
The trick, I think, was a combination of putting a teething toy just out of reach and letting you be pants free. 
Let's be honest, everything is better without pants. 

My strong girl. You amaze me every single day. 

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

16 Weeks / Tidbits

Ev's new friend was born yesterday just before midnight. My best friend endured a gruelling 36 hour labour sans epidural (they tried 3 times and it wouldn't take) then eventually had to be taken in for a c-section. But baby Mackenzie was born healthy and strong and is absolutely beautiful.
Big props to T for hanging in through an incredibly tough birth!

As I showered today, I thought about how things have changed, almost 4 months post-partum.
Pro: I fit back into my clothes! Although maybe not now after 3 large cookies and a lot of chocolate today. It's like having a totally new wardrobe. I haven't worn a lot of these items in a looooong time. 

Con: my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. I understand this is quite common but I don't know how I still have hair left on my head.
This is how much hair comes out of my head per hair wash. Not pictured: the amount that comes out when I brush my hair, run my hands through my hair, or when Ev grabs a fistful of it.  

Pro: Ev is starting to nap for longer during the day when I put her in her crib. 
She usually only sleeps for decent periods of time when she's on one of us, so having that hands-free time during her naps really allows for actual free time.
Con: on Sunday she napped for an hour in the crib and I puttered around the house because I didn't know what to do with myself.

Almost 4 months old!
Her new favourite things include looking at and touching my phone, the thermostat, and cups/mugs.
Here she is enjoying an empty coffee mug this morning. 
That's my girl.

15 Weeks Old / This Post is a Week Late

Last week, when I should have posted but forgot to, you were 15 weeks old.
And it was exactly one year to the day when I found out I was pregnant with you.You were just the size of a poppyseed then. Hard to believe.
I was at work and my period was due to start that day according to my ovulation app (they really do have an app for everything).  I was working a 12 hour day shift and on my evening break I figured I would run to the store and grab a pregnancy test just to see. In all honesty my thought process was, "I'll take the test and then when it comes up negative I can stop and grab a bottle of wine on the way home." 

So I peed on the stick in the breakroom bathroom on my break.
And what you see in the picture above was what I saw when the 2 minutes were up.

My heart jumped into my throat.

I was so excited. 

I wrapped the test in paper towel and kept it in my bag for the remainder of my shift, all the while smiling and squeeeeeeeeeeeing on the inside. I'm surprised my coworkers didn't ask why I was so happy.

John picked my up from work and strangely asked if I had gotten a tan as he said I looked different. I joked that I was glowing.

When we got home I told him I brought him something from work (usually this would be something courtesy of the amazing kitchen staff). I handed him the paper towel and when he opened it up I watched as several emotions crossed his face simultaneously. 

We laughed, we cried, we made a face that is best described as "holy shit, what have we done?" 

And you know what we did?
The best thing we've ever done.
We made you.

We've known you existed for a year and we've known you in the outside world for 15 weeks (*16 cause this post is late).

I didn't get to have that wine for another 10 months but seeing that test come back positive made for one exciting evening.  

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

14 Weeks / Of Days To Come

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
We celebrated with both of our families and enjoyed lots of food and chocolate, as is to be expected.
I got to thinking about the holidays and how much more fun they are going to be in the coming years. 
I can't wait to hide Easter eggs and have our sweet little bunny search around trying to find them, while I eat most of the chocolate I purchased for the hunt. 

Same with Christmas. I'm excited for the belief in Santa and for the excitement when she heads to bed on Christmas Eve. 

And the cute Halloween costumes (and, again, more candy for me).

The magic of the holidays is going to come back full force and then some. 

Speaking of holidays, today is my dad's birthday!

Happy birthday Dad!
I plan on making up holidays in which I sign the kids out of school to spend the day exploring Toronto Island, much like you did for Robin and I. 
And I expect Ev will be signed out an additional day to do the same with you ;)

We love you!